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Ghost Hunters of Boone, NC investigation review: Gravity Hill Investigation....

Gravity Hill Investigation.... Ghost Hunters of Boone, NC

We had great hopes for this investigation. The locals around Wilkesboro, NC and Boone have amazing stories about what occurs on Gravity Hill. Their stories claim that if you park your vehicle at the bottom of Gravity Hill and place it in nuetral your vehicle roll up the hill. Some say that you can put baby powder on the bumper of your vehicle and there will be hand prints. As if someone was pushing your vehicle up hill. You can imagine what was going through our minds. We didn't really know what to expect but it wasn't good. Unfortunately, we were right.

Our trip began one evening on July 12th. A Ford Explorer filled with 4 worthy investigators ventured off to find the unknown. After driving around for hours and hours in the known vicinity of a Gravity Hill (there are many sited in NC, not to mention the ones known around the world) located just out side of Sparta North Carolina, our investigation ended before it even started.

We followed the directions given to us by those who have ventured to this location and even turned to the directions found on the internet. One of the investigators with us that night identified our location as Gravity Hill. If it wasn't for his knowledge of the area we wouldn't have known we were even there. There is nothing to it. It is basically someone's drive way. I was blown away at how this was made out to be. "A monster hill" that defies gravity. I want to tell you guys right now that you shouldn't waste your time with this gravity hill. It is a driveway. It is flat and pointless. This is one of those cases were over the course of years stories are imbelished.

Gravity Hill is located just outside of Sparta. It is a very measly looking dirt road that is surrounded by homes. We feel that this is such a bogus story that we would be doing our readers a big injustice by posting the directions.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any suggestions, please let us know!


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This group of Ghost Hunters has been created to prove and disprove the paranormal. It is our goal to be the number one source for Paranormal investigations in the western mountains of North Carolina. Our office is located in the Mountains of Boone, NC. Home of APP State University. We travel from one end of the North Carolina to the other in search of the paranormal.
We investigate haunted locations that time has forgotten. Sometimes these locations are not accessable by ordinary means. Sometimes, these areas must be infiltrated.
All evidence will be uploaded here! We encourage fellow Ghost Hunters to review the evidence and post there thoughts and findings.

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We receive many questions from fellow Ghost Hunters concerning the technology that we use. Some have asked about EMF meters, IR thermometers and etc. We do not use such devices in our investigations typically. Namely, you cannot use such information as evidence. Theories yes, but not solid evidence. We attempt to prove/disprove the existance of ghosts using die hard proof.

Our main focus is the evidence that can only be collected from sight and sound. Feelings are important but naturally they are too easily influenced by surroundings, atmosphere and the etc, so they do not account for much here.

Digital Cameras (from SLR’s to point and click), Digital Audio Recorders (multiple models), Night Vision Camcorders (HD based systems) DVR, and more. All these tools and more assist us in our investrigations of haunted locations in North Carolina as we search for ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal oddities.