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Haunted location: Moses Cone Manor- Blowing Rock

On a ridge overlooking the town of Blowing Rock, NC, is the estate once called Flat Top Manor, now known as the Cone Manor.

The Colonial-revivalist structure was built in the late 1800’s, and has been uninhabited for about a half a century. However, there are those who say that the manor has never been completely devoid of human activity-- or perhaps, inhuman activity.

Moses Cone made a fortune as an industrialist in the North Carolina Piedmont, married Bertha, and later visited the mountain area and fell in love with it. He began buying up land around what is now the Blue Ridge Parkway outside Blowing Rock. Cone built the manor as a summer retreat, often employing the very people whose land he had bought.

Cone didn’t get to enjoy the manor for very long, as he died at a relatively young age. Bertha lived on for several decades, and willed the land to Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, NC, which then deeded it to the National Parks Service. The manor is now operated as a crafts center, but some say that the previous owners haven’t entirely given up their claim.

According to one story, Moses Cone’s body was disinterred by a would-be thief. Rumor had it that Cone was buried with some jewelry, and that may have been what the thief was after. One version of the story is that Bertha herself found the body at the gravesite on the hill beyond the manor. The body was said to be propped up against the large tombstone by thieves angered by not finding any jewelry.

There’s even a hinted legend that Cone was moved to a different gravesite. The official line is that Cone still sleeps in eternal slumber at the marked site, but others say he lies elsewhere.

For a long time, separate portraits of husband and wife hung face-to-face on opposite walls. One industrious decorator moved the portrait of Bertha to an adjoining wall. The next morning, the portraits were found to have fallen off the wall. The strange part was they had fallen so they were leaning against each other.
In 2000, the portraits were moved again. So far, no mystery movements have been recorded. All of the existing furniture was willed out to various relatives after Bertha’s death. In the early days of the craft center, craftmakers would stay overnight in the manor due to the poor condition of the roads. Some of the guests reported the sound of furniture moving around on the floor above them in the middle of night, even though the upstairs was empty.

One craftmaker supposedly stayed in the master bedroom that belonged to Moses and Bertha. He heard the door open, so he got out of bed, and closed it, assuming the house was out of level. The door opened again, and he repeated the process. The third time, he propped a chair against the door. He awoke in the morning to find the door open and the chair on the other side of the room.

One woman who didn’t believe in ghosts pooh-poohed the stories and dared to stay overnight by herself. When she got out of a hot shower, she saw a hand print in the steam on the mirror. That was her last day in the manor.

The Cones were fond of piano music, and the soft sounds of piano notes are sometimes heard wafting in the stillness of night.

The kitchen door was traditionally kept closed at Bertha’s insistence. Some crafters showed up early one morning and were moving some heavy items inside via the back way. They heard the heavy door slide closed behind them. They tried to discover who had played the trick on them, but the house was empty.

A park ranger was staying in a nearby house about a decade ago, and the newly-installed alarm system at Cone Manor went off. The ranger circled the house to investigate. He saw no signings of breaking and entering. When he turned around after unlocking the door, he saw a young girl standing on the stairs.

The girl turned around and looked at him, then ran up the stairs. The ranger chased her, and couldn’t figure out how she outran him. She went into the left room at the top of the stairs and slammed the door.

After a long struggle, the ranger finally got the door open. The room was empty.

Whether the Cones still walk the halls of the manor that bears their name, or whether the legends are due to overactive imaginations, the stories linger. And so, perhaps, do the spirits of the Cones.

Abandoned School House located on Deck Hill rd, Boone NC....

I have heard from several sources that located on Deck Hill Rd in Boone, NC that there is an abandoned school house. I have attempted to find the building but I haven't been successful. If anyone has any details about this and the location please let us know.

Haunted Location: Perkinsville Dr Boone, NC

Is anyone familiar with an abandoned haunted house located on Perkensville Dr. in Boone? I have seen posts all over the internet and I am curious if anyone had any experience with it. Apparently it burnt down in 2003 so we are out of luck now. It would be interesting to hear your about any experiences there.

This is what I have been able to dig up about this location:

"You will have to look hard for the house as is it hidden by treesand has grown over. It is said that this house is so haunted, you`re guaranteed to experience something every time you go no matter what time of the day or night.the owner died from an undetermined cause and he is the one that haunts this house.Footsteps are what has been reported, as well as an angry banging on the upper floor. It is an angry and forboding house, so use caution!"

Charles A. Cannon Memorial Hospital Revisit 6

This was our final visit to the abandoned Charles A. Cannon Memorial Hospital located in Banner Elk, NC.

Charles A. Cannon Memorial Hospital Revisit 5

Charles A. Cannon Memorial Hospital Revisit 4.1

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This group of Ghost Hunters has been created to prove and disprove the paranormal. It is our goal to be the number one source for Paranormal investigations in the western mountains of North Carolina. Our office is located in the Mountains of Boone, NC. Home of APP State University. We travel from one end of the North Carolina to the other in search of the paranormal.
We investigate haunted locations that time has forgotten. Sometimes these locations are not accessable by ordinary means. Sometimes, these areas must be infiltrated.
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We receive many questions from fellow Ghost Hunters concerning the technology that we use. Some have asked about EMF meters, IR thermometers and etc. We do not use such devices in our investigations typically. Namely, you cannot use such information as evidence. Theories yes, but not solid evidence. We attempt to prove/disprove the existance of ghosts using die hard proof.

Our main focus is the evidence that can only be collected from sight and sound. Feelings are important but naturally they are too easily influenced by surroundings, atmosphere and the etc, so they do not account for much here.

Digital Cameras (from SLR’s to point and click), Digital Audio Recorders (multiple models), Night Vision Camcorders (HD based systems) DVR, and more. All these tools and more assist us in our investrigations of haunted locations in North Carolina as we search for ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal oddities.